Saturday, December 20, 2008


... I can't believe its been more than a month since I last posted... wwwwwell... I CAANNN.... I just rather pretend that I can't....

The last few weeks have been... well.... they've just been.... and I've just tried my best to simply stay afloat.

Needless to say, I haven't been doing that much sewing these last few weeks. But, I did manage to pull out of my winter doldrums to make this little dress for my niece for Christmas...
It turn out to be a score, since I used some fabric that I bought several months ago, but never could find a use for... too expensive to use as a wearable muslin/not enough yardage to make anything my size.... Anyway, I think it came out nice and it was basically cost free during this financial crunch time.

I did take the chance to do some new things that I hadn't done before on a quick and small scale... like these flat felt seams....
... and this double stitched ribbon trim I used on the hem.
I also used a contrast color lining for this patch pocket...
...and added these buttons to tie in the pink from the lining....
*note to self.... and others... if you even THINK you may want to add a pocket to an item, try to THINK of it BEFORE you sew it up............. just a thought...

Happy Holidays!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

B4469 part deux... Thanks Mom!... and the "1 hour" Skirt

Still busy. But, Still here. And, still sewing!!

I really did like the b4469 blouse so I made it again... Its pretty much a carbon copy of the first one, but in a heavier weight stretch cotton broadcloth. I did make a few changes...

In addition to taking about an 1/2" off of the bust dart points, I made clean finish two-ply ties instead of the single-ply tie with the narrow hem.
I decided that instead of the wrap-around the extended tie, I just added a new tie at the other side seam. I expect this to keep the fab from bunching up in the back. I used light weight elastic as inside ties... Next time I think regular twill tape will do.


A few weeks ago, my mom called and told me that her local JoAnn's was having a 99c McCall pattern sale. So I gave her a list of possibles and wished her luck (... this was her very first time going pattern shopping... during a 99c SALE, no less!)

Not only did she come back with every pattern on the list, she also started her own so called "... Oooo, Mica can make this for me!!" stash.


As I was cleaning up my sewing space (after having let it take over since LAST weekend) I remembered I had pulled out this skirt pattern to supplement my fall wardrobe. As its called the '1 hour' skirt, I thought, let me just knock this out right quick. (...I made view C, but without the patch pockets)
I used a medium weight stretch denim fabric in soft black, with a slight sateen finish.

While it took me more than an hour (... I tend to sew like Ms. Daisy, especially when I'm trying to catch up on all the TV show's I DVR'd all week...) but it was really quick.


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

'Nuff said.


Sunday, November 2, 2008

... sunny Sunday afternoon

I finished the top this morning ((... and the audio book 'Already Dead' by Charlie Huston, that I used as 'background noise' for this project...))

All in all, a nice garment. I will be making it again.
Mainly because of all the different sleeve options and how easy it really is to put together.

..... But mainly because once I started sewing this fabric, I realized just how much it looks like hospital scrub fabric (lol). ((I also took note that while the bust darts are placed okay, they are way to long... Next time I think I'll take at least a 1/2" of the tip.)) I almost dumped it, but I'd made a promise to always finish any project I started. Even if it's obvious its not going to be a keeper, at least I will still have learned what NOT to do.

After I finished the top , I decided to take Love and make our annual trek up the street to cheer all the runners in the NYC Marathon. It passes just a few blocks up from our house.
I got there during the thickest part of the crowd...
... even the runners were in on the picture taking action.


Saturday, November 1, 2008

.... baby steps

The past few weeks have been ... tumultuous... to say the least. But things seem to be finally seem to be settling down, so I thought I would take a turn back at The Machine.

I figured on something easy, so, like I said... baby steps.

The sheer fact that I cut the pattern itself instead of my usual trace and cut procedure is a telling sign at how I had to push myself to get back into the swing of things.

But like they say... each step is the start of a journey.


Friday, October 17, 2008

... alive and kicking....

.... sewing.... not so much.

I've been working like crazy the last few weeks and I've been pretty much vegging every available minute I have off.

But I do look longingly at The Machine everyday... right before I shuffle off to bed.

I WAS looking at my stash this evening and I do have a (purported) 1hour skirt pattern that I might try to work on this weekend... So I may have something to share fairly soon.

Till then... Holla!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

... not so much.

They say a picture says a thousand words...

... this one says "... just because they make it in your size, doesn't mean it fits."

Back to the drawing board.


Monday, September 29, 2008

"...BINGO!! We got action!!..."

Cheryl, over at Passion Flower Musings (AND, I might add, the one.... and only... person to add me to their "Blogs I follow" list!) just told me to check out the Marie skirt over at BurdaStyle as a possible pattern for my Inspiration Game Piece...
I think its BANG ON!!
I just might have to move this up to the top of the 'To Do' list!!

Slow flow MoJo....

I got back behind the wheel... or the needle as it were... and start a new project a few days ago.

I decided to try my hand at my first BurdaStyle pattern.
I chose the 6012 Kasia skirt I downloaded for free from their pattern page.

Because it was my first printed pattern, and I wasn't sure about the sizing, I decided to do a test run with some wearable muslin I got down at Fulton Fabrics.

I went there looking for muslin, but they ran out. So, I went with a heavy/bottom weight woven fabric instead.... not bad for 2.50$ a yard.

Please keep in mind, this was a wearable MUSLIN. So never mind the contrasting pocket lining or black zipper.... like the song says, you've got to use what you got, to get what you want.

I even put my newly acquired sloper making skills (and I use the term 'skills' VERY loosely) and made a skirt sloper to see how much I had to adjust the pattern.
I was very proud of myself... thank me very much!

The skirt worked as a bit of a booster shoot... I've already pulled out a few more patterns and fabs to make my next few projects...

I really like this simple shift top from Vogue... "Very easy"... hmph, we'll see....

I also need to make a heavier weight version of the M5701 Dress. I got this black poplin fabric a few months ago...

....I'm on the fence about the fabric, but I love this dress!

I'm planning on doing this wrap skirt next.
But I cant decide which fab to use.

I'm also on the hunt for a pattern for another Inspiration Game Piece.

I've been carrying around these mag pages in my look book for the last several weeks.

Then when I went to Fulton Fabrics looking for muslin I found this lovely print in a poly-satin shantung fabric. It has a really soft drap and a very subtle shine... and it was only 3bucks a yard!!

Now I just need to find a pattern.


Friday, September 19, 2008

Turnabout is fair play and all that....

More goodies for me from Antoinette....... and now some goodies for Antoinette from Me!!

... I'm sure she'll work her Clevergirl tricks on this box in no time flat.

Tomorrow I'm going out with the The New York Sewing & Fabric Shopping Meetup Group. We are going out for our first fall fabric shopping expedition...I'm hoping being up close and personal with a few creative people will get me out of this sewing funk I've found myself in.

My camera's charged and packed so I'll be sure to take plenty of pics!


Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Have you ever been in a mode where you tried a project, only to tired of it half way thru? Then you skipped on to another project only for it not to work out as nicely as you'd hoped? Then you moved on to yet ANOTHER project only to look at it and go from feeling '...meh' to bleeh about it?

Yeah? Well that's where I am right about now.

I keep seeing all my Internet FIMH's (friends in my head) making all this great looking stuff and I look at the half finished projects on my table and I just turn back to the couch and dive into another book.

.....I need a kick start in my proverbial pin cushion.

I'll holla.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


I put the V8487 together last night... it's oookaaaayyyy.

I will say it looks better on me than hanging on the form. But, since I'm not feeling photogenic today, this will have to do...

I have some fitting issues to deal with in the back and around the hip area that I might get to today. But since there is some prime Football watching to be had today, that is a very strong 'might'