Saturday, April 4, 2009

I love it when a plan comes together!

So, I had this bright idea for saving time when cutting out the eyelet fabric and the underlining for the S2925 dress (....It's a little play on lsaspacey's tip about fusing the interfacing to the fabric BEFORE cutting the pattern pieces.)
I figured if I could adhere the eyelet fabric to the underlining before I cut it, I would save myself a lot of time. And it would save my having to sew 4 layers of fabric together (eyelet+lining+lining+fabric.) Instead, I would only have to wrangle 2 (eyelet/lining+eyelet/lining.)
Hence, I went on a hunt looking for air soluble fabric adhesive... of course, since I was actually LOOKING for it, I couldn't find it anywhere! But, I did luck up at the City Quilter where they had 505 Spray and Fix adhesive on sale... ... Its not air soluble, but that's probably better since I am notorious for my 'green light!/red light!!' sewing pace.

The trickiest part was figuring out how best to actually apply the two fabrics together... but I figured it out and it worked just like I like a charm!!!Now that I had both pieces stuck together, cutting out the pattern pieces was a snap.
I didn't.... exactly... obey the whole 'cut with the grain' technique on this one, because I wanted to take advantage of the scalloped edge along the selvage of the fabric as a natural hem.
Lucky for me, the fabric was JUST wide enough to fit the lengthwise pattern piece... SCORE!!

I took a break after that project to find my camera, that fell of the table at one point in the morning... AND DISAPPEARED!!.... Two hours later!! I found it.... UNDER the table, BESIDE the curtains, BEHIND the vase... I mean... REALLY?!?!..... now my head is out of the game... so I'm going to watch last week's 'Castle' and chill for a little while....



wendy said...

Oooh, can't wait to see it. :-)

My camera grows legs and walks sometimes too. If it wasn't so heavy I'd swear that my dog had picked it up & walked off with it occasionally.

MsMica...Sewnista in the making said...

Funny! I actually asked Love (my dog) what she did with my camera!! She just looked at me like "I know where it is, I just cant say"

Antoinette said...

My prediction for your black eyelet dress: flawless. xo

Tracey said...

Thanks for sharing the tip. Can't wait to see the final product.