Sunday, May 2, 2010

....Out with a Clang!

Even with a self-imposed deadline and a 'Project a Month: April' incentive... the Mojo remained ever elusive.

Because I didn't want to be a COMPLETE loser, I did gather myself yesterday to make the dress....

"...That looks more like a top." you say? 

That's because it is.

Halfway through the construction I realized the color and pattern would be a bit much for an entire dress.  So, I decided to forgo the three bottom tiers and make it a peplum top.

It did come out altogether cuter that I expected.  Unfortunately, it came out altogether SMALLER than I expected, too.

I'm going to make it again, adjusting it for wider waist and cross back measurements.  I will also add a few inches for the the peplum as well.  (I just used one of the already cut skirt layers, but it wasn't as long as I would have liked.)
You can't tell from the pictures but, the way I adjusted the dress to be a top, it made it fully lined, and almost reversible if not for the CB zipper.

The bodice was already fully lined with self fabric, with completely enclosed seams.  I ended up using the same technique with the peplum so the hem seam was hidden as well. 

I think I will use an alternative closure method (maybe a large key-hole opening) that would allow for a pull-over top instead of a CB zipper, then it would be completely reversible.

The print was perfect for a top, so I'm headed back the Fulton Fabrics tomorrow to get a few more yards before it's all gone.

I think for May, I will try something where I don't have to worry about it fitting... maybe a quilt or that apron pattern my mom asked me to make her LAST YEAR.....';?


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