Sunday, May 2, 2010

....Out with a Clang!

Even with a self-imposed deadline and a 'Project a Month: April' incentive... the Mojo remained ever elusive.

Because I didn't want to be a COMPLETE loser, I did gather myself yesterday to make the dress....

"...That looks more like a top." you say? 

That's because it is.

Halfway through the construction I realized the color and pattern would be a bit much for an entire dress.  So, I decided to forgo the three bottom tiers and make it a peplum top.

It did come out altogether cuter that I expected.  Unfortunately, it came out altogether SMALLER than I expected, too.

I'm going to make it again, adjusting it for wider waist and cross back measurements.  I will also add a few inches for the the peplum as well.  (I just used one of the already cut skirt layers, but it wasn't as long as I would have liked.)
You can't tell from the pictures but, the way I adjusted the dress to be a top, it made it fully lined, and almost reversible if not for the CB zipper.

The bodice was already fully lined with self fabric, with completely enclosed seams.  I ended up using the same technique with the peplum so the hem seam was hidden as well. 

I think I will use an alternative closure method (maybe a large key-hole opening) that would allow for a pull-over top instead of a CB zipper, then it would be completely reversible.

The print was perfect for a top, so I'm headed back the Fulton Fabrics tomorrow to get a few more yards before it's all gone.

I think for May, I will try something where I don't have to worry about it fitting... maybe a quilt or that apron pattern my mom asked me to make her LAST YEAR.....';?


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Anonymous said...

I just made quite a snug fit top myself so I hear ya about the "clang". However, your top looks cute so good for you for making it again.

Anonymous said...

THat fabric is really cute. You definitely have to get some more. Maybe just by making this top, your mojo will return! It's a really cute top. I think your idea for a keyhole is brilliant.

Rhonda said...

That fabric is perfect for Spring. I love the colors.
It never fails that when you're under pressure to get something wind up having to alter....but this turned out great. And with it being!!!

Rose said...

What a lovely combination of fabric and design--I like it. Since you are sewing for yourself, you have the opportunity to make changes to suit yourself. Great job!

Rose in SV

Susan Fogel said...

Love that fresh Springy fabric, and the top is lovley.
On another note I read your comment on Come Sew Lutterloh With Me.
I used the system back in the 80's and really do not know what happened to it. I just pruchased a used but very recent system from someone on Pattern Review. My daughter is bringing it with her when she comes next week. I live in Mexico...on the beach.
We will see a lot of each other on that wonderful Lutterloh blog.
Please take a moament to visit my blog: