Tuesday, July 28, 2009

So much to sew....

.. So little time!
I've been out and about for the last few weekends and now my projects are backing up!

I must should want to finish my quilt - now that I have the Supreme Slider!
I have to need to want to cut/sew up the Simplicity/Built by Wendy knit pattern 2865!
I should need want to cut/sew up the Simplicity/Cynthia Rowley dress 2584!

PLUS, I want to find a set of patterns that I can use to do my first Official Fall SWAP!

Its all starting to stress me out... I'm feeling like I'm falling behind... but I keep trying to remind myself, sewing is a HOBBY not a JOB!


((inhale))....((exhale))..... ((inhale))....((exhale))..... repeat!


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Thoughts on a Fall SWAP...

Just a few pieces that have caught my eye...

I keep looking at this same silhouette over and over again... This one is from Fendi.
I made a similar silhouette last year out of m5701. I think it might work for this too, if with slightly different proportions.

Here is a super cute skirt from Kate Spade's Spring'09 collection.
Obviously, I'm still really feeling the color block look. And, I love the mix of solid and print with this one. I have a few simple skirt patterns in the drawer. I'm sure I have a body to match this one.

Just some thoughts.... we shall see.


Monday, July 13, 2009

Mailbox lovin'

I finally get home, exhausted, from a full day at work and a two hour Spin class. But, I was quickly perked up seeing this leaning against my door...WOOWHOO!!

Then, I opened another goodie package and found this!My quilting teacher highly recommended this book. She said it was one of her personal favorites.... I copped it for 4.80$!... It looks brand new!!... Gotta love Half.com!

I'm still waiting for the 'Complete Photo Guide to Sewing' that I got for 11.50$!


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

It pays to compare....

For any of you who have read my posts over the last year.... Yes! A YEAR!... you have probably figured out that I can be a bit cheap cost consciouses! Well today, once again, my ...intense awareness of the contents of my wallet... has served me well!

I've been coming to terms with the fact that my sewing set up ....using my bar height Dining room table (supplemented with an extra-long glass table-topper usurped/re-purposed from my coffee table!) as my main cutting surface and a 'trash to treasure' cafe table I purloined rescued(!) from the trash heap, as my sewing table... is just really not working anymore.

Thus, I decided to loosen the purse strings a bit and go buy a real craft table.

I wanted something that was sturdy but would still fold away. This way I could have my dining room back.

I've had my eye on this Sullivan's 'Home Hobby Cutting & Craft Table' for some time now.

I priced it out at $99 at Allbrands.com and $119 at Joann.com.

Now, they both were running sales....
5$ off 25$, 10$ off 199$, etc at Allbrands (post a comment if you'd like the coupon codes)
free shipping on 50$ or more at Joann's (I think the code is on the site. Otherwise, see above)

But, after I posted the table in both shopping carts...
Allbrands was 124$ after shipping cost - 5$ off = 119$
Joann's was 119$ + free shipping + 15$ special handling = 134$

Well HMPH!! Not so fast, Jo! As much as I love Joann's, they are ALWAYS trying to pull a fast one! Like giving out 50% off codes on all 'full priced' items only to have you look and see that EVERYTHING is already discounted, therefore ineligible!! (I was even leaning forward as I typed this line...hee!)

Well, if it's not obvious, I went with Allbrands. And, I am eagerly awaiting my new toy... ahem... table!


Saturday, July 4, 2009

MaxiMe to the rescue!

((.... Insert Hip/Funky yet Heroic theme music here... Think Gnarls Barkley!))
(((insert my consternation with Picasa's tiny collage pics HERE!)))

I got up early this morning and went to work on MaxiMe... I ended up using every pad (althougth maybe not with their intended design) and before long I had a reasonable facsimile of me... And not one stitch of Duct Tape!
She still has a few odd lumps and bumps here and there, but that was because I had to improvise with some of my padding materials. But as soon as the holiday is over, I will rectify those few issues too.
Overall, I am quite happy and feeling quite accomplished!


And adding to that feeling of accomplishment, I also finished piecing the binding for my quilt! I used all the scrapes of silk I had left over after I finished all my block borders....
I love it when a plan comes together!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

.... Crisis... potentially... averted

Sooo, being the self-sufficient tinkerer that I am, I decided to do some hands on investigation with The Machine after I had sent out my 'The sky is falling" emails on Thursday night (one to Viking and one to Sew Right (... the latter, by the by, sent me a very detailed and helpful email this Friday, morning.... even though my warranty was up two weeks ago.... handily letting me know that I was already on the right track with my tinkering... thank you very much!])
I started by taking up the face plate on The Machine and pulling out the entire bobbin casing. I saw a little screw that was attached to a thin metal sheet. I took my handy-dandy mini-screwdriver and torqued (righty tighty / lefty loosey) the screw all the way until the metal piece was flush with the screw.
I put it all back together and it was instantly better! But, I actually had to set the tension setting to 0 or else the top thread was being pulled to the bottom of the fabric (the opposite of my original problem.)
Then, it was just a matter of tweaking the screw (.... that would make a great book title, right?) and the tension dial until both were set at a medium setting and I was not getting too much bobbin thread showing on top or too much top thread being pulled to the bottom of the fabric.
I finally got it to a point that I think is the best possible medium.

The settings aren't the same as they were, but I think its a very good compromise, it still gives me a little wiggle room and it's not too far to the highest or lowest settings.

.... ((wwhheewww!!)


I also started on the first part of MaxyMe's transformation. I took some gel glue and laid down a lot of the more flyway bits of her original outer covering.

Once the glue dries, I will commence with the padding and the covering and the body suiting... more pics to come!


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Something is rotten in Denmark...(Viking Emerald 183)

... or Sweden to be more accurate!

Two weeks ago, I noticed that the thread tension on The Machine was off.
I played around with it, but no matter what setting I used, 0 or no tension, or 9, the most tension, the bobbin thread was sitting on the surface of the fabric.

I've tried changing threads... rethreading bobbins... cleaning out the bobbin area... everything... to no avail.... I can pull the top thread right out of a sewn seam without even touching the bobbin thread... THAT'S not supposed to happen!

I just set an email to Husqvarna Corporate, but based on a lot of the web comments I been reading, I'm not holding out that they will be much help.

If this machine bites it, I will might have to bite somebody myself!

Holla.... especially if you may have any tips or help to offer!