Thursday, July 2, 2009

.... Crisis... potentially... averted

Sooo, being the self-sufficient tinkerer that I am, I decided to do some hands on investigation with The Machine after I had sent out my 'The sky is falling" emails on Thursday night (one to Viking and one to Sew Right (... the latter, by the by, sent me a very detailed and helpful email this Friday, morning.... even though my warranty was up two weeks ago.... handily letting me know that I was already on the right track with my tinkering... thank you very much!])
I started by taking up the face plate on The Machine and pulling out the entire bobbin casing. I saw a little screw that was attached to a thin metal sheet. I took my handy-dandy mini-screwdriver and torqued (righty tighty / lefty loosey) the screw all the way until the metal piece was flush with the screw.
I put it all back together and it was instantly better! But, I actually had to set the tension setting to 0 or else the top thread was being pulled to the bottom of the fabric (the opposite of my original problem.)
Then, it was just a matter of tweaking the screw (.... that would make a great book title, right?) and the tension dial until both were set at a medium setting and I was not getting too much bobbin thread showing on top or too much top thread being pulled to the bottom of the fabric.
I finally got it to a point that I think is the best possible medium.

The settings aren't the same as they were, but I think its a very good compromise, it still gives me a little wiggle room and it's not too far to the highest or lowest settings.

.... ((wwhheewww!!)


I also started on the first part of MaxyMe's transformation. I took some gel glue and laid down a lot of the more flyway bits of her original outer covering.

Once the glue dries, I will commence with the padding and the covering and the body suiting... more pics to come!


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geek sewing said...

VERY glad to hear that you have solved your problem all by yourself.

Happy sewing, I hope!!