Tuesday, July 28, 2009

So much to sew....

.. So little time!
I've been out and about for the last few weekends and now my projects are backing up!

I must should want to finish my quilt - now that I have the Supreme Slider!
I have to need to want to cut/sew up the Simplicity/Built by Wendy knit pattern 2865!
I should need want to cut/sew up the Simplicity/Cynthia Rowley dress 2584!

PLUS, I want to find a set of patterns that I can use to do my first Official Fall SWAP!

Its all starting to stress me out... I'm feeling like I'm falling behind... but I keep trying to remind myself, sewing is a HOBBY not a JOB!


((inhale))....((exhale))..... ((inhale))....((exhale))..... repeat!


1 comment:

Antoinette said...


I never knew what SWAP stood for till now. Heaven bless you for linking to that post.

I have one of the Cynthia Rowleys on my sewing to-so list, too! Don't know if I want to sew 2584 or 2593 first! You'll get yours done and it will look amazing on you. So please do chillax. :)