Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Something is rotten in Denmark...(Viking Emerald 183)

... or Sweden to be more accurate!

Two weeks ago, I noticed that the thread tension on The Machine was off.
I played around with it, but no matter what setting I used, 0 or no tension, or 9, the most tension, the bobbin thread was sitting on the surface of the fabric.

I've tried changing threads... rethreading bobbins... cleaning out the bobbin area... everything... to no avail.... I can pull the top thread right out of a sewn seam without even touching the bobbin thread... THAT'S not supposed to happen!

I just set an email to Husqvarna Corporate, but based on a lot of the web comments I been reading, I'm not holding out that they will be much help.

If this machine bites it, I will might have to bite somebody myself!

Holla.... especially if you may have any tips or help to offer!


LoverofWords said...

VSM Sewing Inc.
31000 Viking Parkway
Westlake, OH 44145

Here is the US Headquarters try this one

Antoinette said...

Crossing my fingers for you... Have you Googled your problem to see if it's come up for any other Viking users, and if they have suggestions for how to fix?

So odd that you've been using the machine over a year and suddenly this happens!

EVIE D said...

I am having the same problem with my POS emerald 183, the tension if way off have played with it for hrs, had it serviced last october they replaced the bobbin holder which i had to pay for, i've used the machine maybe 3 times since then, now when i'm ready to sew for craft sales it buggers up, called the store where i bought it they want 30 to fix the tension plus it'll end up being 100 like last year, so this weekend my friend lent me her janome, awesome machine, I am so dissapointed with husqvarna