Sunday, June 28, 2009

Pattern Sale and Online Tutorials...

Hey all... has Simplicity Patterns on Sale until tomorrow (6/29) for 1.99$ each! I've already picked out 6 (limit is 10)... but I'm waiting for my personal pattern shopper (my mom) to confirm she didn't already buy a few of the styles I picked out.

I was strolling the interweb and came across this great pattern alteration tutorial from The Sewing Divas' Use Darts to Create Sheath Dress Drama... gotta give this one a try.
And, for all you home decor sewers out there, here is a really cute MITERED PILLOWS how-to from Weekend Designer.


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Two Things...

First thing is.....

I did it!! I completed my first quilt... ahem... top!..;-)
It's a bit skewed and wonky-looking close up in a few places... but all.... WOOT!!

The second thing is, I figured out why I was having some many issues with those Burda patterns... I was using this chart when I SHOULD having been using THIS one!

... this measurement chart makes it seem like I should look like one of those funhouse mirror reflections!

Seeing as I have yet to find any of the BurdaPlus patterns particularly appealing, it looks like I can take the next exit off the Burda pattern highway. Because no amount of diet and exercise is going to make my hips any narrower or my back any less broad.


Friday, June 19, 2009 FItting System...WOOT!

... I placed my order today!!
I sent them an email last week asking for help and they set me right up!
I called today to place the order and, low and behold, their factory is located in BROOKLYN! Just a quick bus ride from mine own homestead!

They are processing and shipping my package out TODAY! (It bares repeating...) WWOOTT!!

I hope to have my new (to me) full body dressform changed from a TatteredTina to a MiniMica by next weekend!


Sunday, June 14, 2009

"Talk to me like I'm 5..."

... that's one of my favorite Michael Scott lines from The Office this season. And it's exactly what I need right now.

The June issue of Burda has some really cute styles in it, again. But, after my last (and first) excursion with them, I was kind of put off after being well and thoroughly confused about their sizing system.

I did what I always do and just made the largest size the pattern came in and did my fixes from there. But, I was having to fix patterns to a point that they no longer had the lines of the original style. Some of my favorite Blogistas seem to pump out Burda styles one after the other... I am CLEARLY missing something.

Long story short, can anyone plainly and simply (...remember, I'm 5...) explain to me how to read the Burda size chart.

Much appreciated.


sew envious...

....(but in a good way)

Have you ever gone to another's sewing site and found yourself looking stupidly stupefied at your screen like 'They finished how many projects this weekend? Its only 12pm! On Sunday!!'

ssiiiggghhhh... I'll name no names to protect the the innocent (and the envied,) BUT Y'ALL KNOW WHO Y'ALL ARE!! of these days...

Saturday, June 13, 2009

... lets try this again...

I thought some of you (who actually knew what you were doing) might get a kick out of my quilt layout chicken scratch template. ..

And I went back rearranged the blocks to match the color combo I drew out originally. And, I added the rest of the silver sashing to the artwork I created to see the fuller look.
When I scan the black/grey border fabric, I'll add that too.


Quilting by Committee

After the 4th week in my beginner quilting class, we're at the point where its to actually start creating the quilt itself.

I decided to go with my identical monotone black and grey blocks... .... instead of the much busier brown and blue group. But, still wanting to add some color in the piece, I decided to be adventurous and use some bright jewel toned dupioni silks as my sashing.
I was playing around with placement last night and came up with this rough draft...
But this morning I was feeling even more frisky and thought about doing a strip pieced sash. Something more like this... ... I'm liking it.
After I'd saved all the photos for posting, I started playing around with my photo editor and came up with a R-E-A-L-L-Y rough draft of how I hope the finished look will turn out.

This is still without an additional large silver band that will wrap around the entire large square. And also the final black and grey border (in a fabric in the same black and grey tone of the darkest color fabric in the blocks themselves...)

I might go back later and add that art and see how it works out. Please keep in mind that this is a really rough draft on top of the fact that I have extremely basic photo editing skills, so the color placement is not good optimum.

I drew it out on paper, but it still looked much better in my head... HA!


Show me whatcha working wit'!!

We're doing a spring cleaning at work and they literally tore upon the doors on our fabric and equipment stock. And let me tell you, it was a free for all!!

I came away with some floral printed stretch lace and printed charmeuse. A bucket-load, literally, of several quality jersey and ribbed knits in a few great staple and fashion colors. Some really hefty brushed satin. And, a handy bundle of printed jerseys that are screaming QUILT ME!!

AND! AND! AND! A full body dress form!! With a rolling stand!! I decided to spare her the indignity of exposing her (rather tattered) girly-bits all over the interweb. Besides, she isn't exactly my size, so some major rework is going to have to take place before she's up to snuff.

I did do a little recon and I found two Fitting Systems, made especially for dress-forms, at I sent them a message asking for a little clarification on a few points. But, I think their systems will work quite nicely!


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Free Pattern-palooza!

So today, as I was squeezing a lunch hour into my day I stumbled upon Weekend Designer... Oh, how I LOVE finding new stuff!!

This site is chock full of free made to measure and no pattern design ideas ...
... like this ultra-hip/hot poncho inspired by Best Behavior....
and this cutey-patutey cropped vest like the one at Chulette...
... this is just a few of the wide range of ideas they offer... it's a must visit!

I also spied a link to Amy Butler Design on their site and danged if two of my favorite words weren't right up there in the heading.... Free and Patterns!!

I got these ....


... and almost all the rest... heehee....goody!


Friday, June 5, 2009


… against Design Piracy Prohibition Act 2009

Read about it here... Fashion-Incubator
... and here... AAFA Leads Charge Against "Fashion Police Bill"
... And here ... ThreadBanger - The Design Piracy Probation Act: No more knock-offs? Or unseen expenses for independent designers?

React to it here...AAFA AutoResponce Form to your local Gov Rep
...and here ... Online Petition needing Signatures