Saturday, June 13, 2009

Quilting by Committee

After the 4th week in my beginner quilting class, we're at the point where its to actually start creating the quilt itself.

I decided to go with my identical monotone black and grey blocks... .... instead of the much busier brown and blue group. But, still wanting to add some color in the piece, I decided to be adventurous and use some bright jewel toned dupioni silks as my sashing.
I was playing around with placement last night and came up with this rough draft...
But this morning I was feeling even more frisky and thought about doing a strip pieced sash. Something more like this... ... I'm liking it.
After I'd saved all the photos for posting, I started playing around with my photo editor and came up with a R-E-A-L-L-Y rough draft of how I hope the finished look will turn out.

This is still without an additional large silver band that will wrap around the entire large square. And also the final black and grey border (in a fabric in the same black and grey tone of the darkest color fabric in the blocks themselves...)

I might go back later and add that art and see how it works out. Please keep in mind that this is a really rough draft on top of the fact that I have extremely basic photo editing skills, so the color placement is not good optimum.

I drew it out on paper, but it still looked much better in my head... HA!


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Antoinette said...

You're so brill for testing out the color concept digitally! How nice to know it's *just the way you want it* before you cut into that exotic silk dupioni.