Monday, September 6, 2010

(almost) always do what your mama tells ya...

I'm going on a family cruise for the Xmas holidays this year.
It's going to be the first of its kind for us as almost 16 family and close friends are getting together for a 5 day Caribbean vacay.... CANT WAIT!!

The other day I was talking to my mom about my new knitting obsession interest and how much easier it is that I can just pick it up or put it down without having to dismantle anything.

Knowing that I still love sewing and I check out my favorite sewing links everyday, she suggested that I revert back to my one project a month concept with the goal of the cruise in mind.

I've thought it over and decided that I like the idea and I'm going to do it.
Nothing major, just some quick projects to get me back in the swing of things maybe get my mojo flowing again after a year off...

Of course, a juicy Labor Day sale sale over a BMV didn't hurt. 

Because, of course, I couldn't just use any of the patterns I ALREADY have overflowing out of my drawer...ooohh nnnoooo, I need to start FRESH!!  Here's what I found...

This two piece from Badgley Mischka (V1195)...
I love the over top...

Then I remembered this cute little Anna Sui dress (V1153)...
It's an older pattern that I've been looking at for a while.
I think it would look cute in a light linen or dress weight broad cloth.

Then there is this asymmetric top from McCalls(M6204)...
I actually just bought a top quite similar to this from ASOS.

And lastly, this legging pattern(M6173)...

Not bad for $5 a pop.

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"Sock it to me!"

..... is what I will name my post when I actually COMPLETE a sock... not even a pair!.. A sock.... for now they are kicking my ass and leaving me feeling rather discouraged.

I needed a little picker upper and found this simple baby hat pattern in my 'Teach Yourself Visually Knitting' book....
I used some of my favorite fuchsia pink Debbie Bliss Rialto DK  ~ my best 'Wool Watcher' find to date!

It was soo smooth and springy and perfect for a little stretchy hat like this... Def going to get some more and make a hat for myself.

I took a few liberties.... trying to insert a half-rememered mock-cable stitch I had seen Sunday morning on Knit and Crochet Now.
... apparently, the half I didnt remember was the most important half... ;);

But, I think its still cute and it gave a me little practice on some basic decreaese(P/K2tog) and a little Icord action.  As an afterthought, I added a little tassel at the top.

Never mind I don't know any babies.

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