Saturday, August 1, 2009

Built by Wendy by Me

I must've gotten stung by a busy bee last night because, around 10pm, I had this irresistible urge to cut out a pattern... (Yes. I acknowledge ALL the things wrong with that sentence! LOL)

I picked Built by Wendy's #2865 and paired it with this matte jersey I picked up a few weeks ago from P&S fabrics.
Its a really cute black and white zebra patterned seashell print. Its a little odd, but in a very good way. (... if you look at it really hard, it almost looks like actual zebra's with their heads curled into their necks... doesn't it?)
I picked view C's hip-length tank top paired with view B's sailor's collar detail...
Still feeling the effects, I was up at 8am this morning cutting and sewing it together.

This was my first knit pattern and I have some fine tuning to do with learning start-to-finish garment construction with a serger. But I think I did pretty good for the first go round.

I still have to finish the hem... I tuckered out around 3 and decided to take a break before finishing this one and starting up on McCall's 5388 (... also cut out last night...ha!)



Adrienne said...

HAHAHAH follow the mojo! Very cute!

Faye Lewis said...

Well, one thing about it, I think your first knit project turned out fabulous. I love that top, had never really noticed it. Nice job.

Antoinette said...

That top is hotness! I can see the zebras with heads tucked, and I can also see black-and-white peppermints. You will love wearing this one!

MsMica...Sewnista in the making said...

Thanks for the kind words ladies! I'm just still trying to play catch up with ya'll!!

LaKaribane said...

I'm in love! I need this pattern, LOL!

How's the armscye? It looks low. Hope your bra strap doesn't show (please say no, please!)

MsMica...Sewnista in the making said...

Hi La..
The arms and the back alone have the effect of a racerback T-Shirt. They really don't show you that effect in the pattern cover. I actually wore it this past Sunday afternoon (braless). The straps diffidently would have shown.
The depth of the armseye could be a combination of the size I cut out, (20) which was a little big,, and my still needing to finesse my knits sewing (the armseye and the neckline are a bit stretched out from my holding the fabric to tightly and my presser foot being too low while I top stitched the binding.)
But, I'm sure a little adjustment could bring the armhole up to be a little more modest. But you'd still need a racerback bra either way.

geek sewing said...

I see the zebras!

Absolutely cool knit dress and print.

Just Us Two said...

cute1 I don't think I would have given this pattern a second look. BUT, after seeing your finished product, it's a winner. Looks great!