Sunday, April 4, 2010

Project-a-Month: April aka ...a kick in the pants (.. or skirt... or shirt for that matter...whichever!)


I am secure enough in myself to admit that sometimes I need threats incentives to get out of a funk.

I was sitting here watching 'Julie and Julia', being inspired... and getting hungry... but mostly feeling a bit grouchy thinking about all the fabrics and all the patterns I have sitting in their various nooks and crannies around MY house that I should be 'cooking up'!  But as I've droned on about in these last few posts, I'm hard pressed to get up the energy to actually DO anything with them.

The old (less stingy) me would think,"...oh, you just need to get some newer, more interesting patterns and some better, prettier fabric and THEN you'll be RARING to go!".... *ahem*  It was that selfsame thinking that had me storing all manner of patterns and fabric in every available nook and cranny in my house in the first place!

So, I'm reaching out.

I have these three patterns and fabric options - ON HAND!!

This first one is a McCall's pattern that's been chilling at the top of the pile waiting for me to notice it.
This fabric is a cheapy cut I picked up a few weeks ago, just because.
I thought it would make a cute dress.... and what do you know... It just might.

I really do like this fabric.  It's on the sheer side, but I think the shirring effect in the dress layers will help combat that a little.

This pattern I picked up sometime last year online during a 1$ pattern sale... Love the off the shoulder look.

This is a slub knit jersey I picked up at Paron's sometime last year...
I've been wanting to use it for a while and I guess now is as good a time as any.

And some of you might remember this pattern and this fabric...

So.... all this begs the question.... which one should I make?

I'm picking up my 'Project-a-Month' motto I quietly adopted last year, in an effort to keep myself from going crazy trying to do too much at one time.  And, from getting anxious and discouraged for never seeming to have enough time to finish any of them. 

I welcome any thoughts and ideas... and any sewing buddies!... that would like to join me with their own April project.

HELP!.... I mean, Holla!!

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Anonymous said...

I love that first fabric. Where did you get it? You can do this. You just have to do it. It's as simple as that. ;)

SuBoo said...

Go for the dress - a pretty dress always makes a girl feel like a million bucks - and that's probably more incentive in the future to get going again!

MsMica...Sewnista in the making said...


So nice to hear from you.
I was thinking of the dress too... It's the one I was leaning toward anyway, so I'm glad you picked it too.
By the way, your site looks fantastic!! I soo want to switch from Blogger to WP, but I'm scared...;*S

MsMica...Sewnista in the making said...

Hi Suboo... I think I am going to go for the dress... I love the fabric too and I could use a milli right about now... even if its only the impression of it...;-).

I followed you back to your site, I really like the pieces that you've been making.. and I might need to add that SewRetro site to my blog roll... great stuff!

RiAnge Creations. Ltd. said...

I agree. The dress, the dress! I love your choice of fabric.

MsMica...Sewnista in the making said...

Thanks Angela... It's a quorum then...;-)... The dress is a go.

I'm actually looking forward to getting started this weekend... the first time I've felt that in quite a while.


Just Us Two said...

My vote is for the dress as well. I love all of the fabrics. I'm scared to say this, but I am...i will join you (OMG did I just put that in writing). I have patterns galore, BUT ask me what I have sewn...not a thing. So, I'm going to stop using my son as my excuse and "Just Do It". I will select my pattern and fabric and take a picture and post by Friday. Thanks for the kick in the butt (lol).

MsMica...Sewnista in the making said...

YIPPEE!!...Hey J.U.T.!! So glad to hear I am going to have a sewing buddy on this.... I've always wanted to do a sew-a-long, but never got around to doing one.

We can... Ne! WE WILL do this! I'm going to start laying out and cutting this weekend.

My plan is to only do one step a week (Cut, 1st step. Sew, 2nd step. Finishing, 3rd step, etc) so I don't feel overwhelmed on the trickier garments. So we'll see how that goes...