Sunday, July 27, 2008

little bit of this... a little bit of that...

So, I did one of my usual weekly walk-bys on Fulton Fabrics last Thursday and ended up finding a few bargain buys...

I found this really pretty grass-y green rayon fabric with a nice black floral border print (3$/y).

At first glance I thought I could use it as a wearable muslin to make M5687. But, the more I looked at it, I decided it might be the perfect fab to make my 1st Inspiration Game Piece using M5556.

I plan on using the main part of the fabric to make the top itself. Then use the printed border for the shirt, arm cuff and neck pieces.
I don’t really have a pattern for the skirt part of the dress. But it really looks as if it is only maybe 1/3 again the circumference of the bodice hem (it looks very slightly gathered at the seam)... anyway, I bought extra fabric so I can experiment.

I also picked up this bold graphic print rayon with my abso-favorite colors, black and fuchsia(also 3$/Y).
I thought the scale of the print would lend itself well to V1046 version A.

Today I finally finished this African print shirt I made with V8495.
I made it two weeks ago, but then fell out of love. After playing around with it for a while I adjusted the shoulder width to about half the original length.
I think it made it a bit more modern looking.

I also used some of this stable double knit jersey I picked up a few weeks ago at the Parons East closing sale to make another 'Old Faithful'
I retraced the pattern, cut and sewed the garment all in a few hours (really good timing for me!)

I decide to use 2" self-bias tape to finish the hem, arm holes and neck.

The neck band stands up a bit and looks..... uuummm.... a little EXTRA. I don't dislike it. But it is a 'look'... Luckily, I can turn the band inside and wear it like this as well.
I think it came out pretty cute for a rainy afternoon's work.

I forgot to take pics of the inside, but I finished both side and shoulder seams with French seams. It is quickly becoming my finishing method of choice. Yeah, you're basically doing double work. But the end results are soo much better than anything else I can come up with (besides bias binding) since I don’t have an overlock or serger machine.


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Antoinette said...

What a post! :) First off, the fabrics are GREAT and it is wonderful you found them at such a great price! I cannot wait to see Inspiration Game garment and the Donna Karan dress. It looks like shortening the sleeve length on the African print top was a good call, and I like the stand-up collar on your Old Faithful. I have a similar collar on one of my summer dresses and I get lots and lots of compliments, women asking where I bought it, etc. How versatile to just fold it under if you don't want it!

Hope you're back to 100% in your health and sewing away!