Thursday, July 3, 2008

Not in the mood for Mood...

I went to Mood Fabrics today, ostensibly looking for nice graphic prints (knit and woven) to make my two new vogue patterns with... alas, I came out empty handed. I find it really hard to shop for fabric with specific needs in mind. I usually kind of just pop in to my favorite shops and see if anything catches my eye.

I did find one really nice printed silk jersey with great colors and the really bold graphics... BUT... it was 14$ a yard. boo. I need at least 3 to make either of the dress I want to make. boohoo. I guess I was just feeling cheap (...I'd just had my shoe brake right as I was walking out of work today. I ended up to buying 10$ FLIP-FLOPS just to make it down the street to a shoe store were i spent ANOTHER 40$ on a replacement pair of sandals that didn't look ORTHOPEDIC (... not that there's anything wrong with orthopedics... I'm just

Fresh from my disappointing visit to Mood, I hit up Paron West on 40th and Broadway.
I LOVE their 50% annex and I scored some Chaiken 100% wool single jersey in a lovely burgundy/purple...

(...its actually darker than this, but it was showing up as almost black without the flash)

...It was 1/2 off 18$... and, because it was the last of the bolt, I got 4.25yds for the price of 3!!

I'm thinking of making this top (view C) with it....

... this pattern was another one of my 1$ Neue Mode purchases. I love off-the-shoulder looks and this extra arm detail was icing.

FYI, anyone in the NYC area this weekend, Paron is closing it's 60th St and 3rd Ave location. Everything is, purportedly, 50% off or more. The sale lasts thru Sunday 7/6. I'm going to hit them up tomorrow. They really do have a great selection of designer fabrics.

.... ((ahem)).... and I was thinking that ...((sniff))... since I was going to be out anyway.... that I...ahh.. might go back to ...umm... Mood and... ahh... give that silk jersey another look-see..... ((ahem))

Happy 4th!

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