Saturday, July 19, 2008

Sniff...Sniff... Cough...

I've been sick since last Sunday. And, apparently, S.W.M. (Sewing While Medicated) is NOT the business.

I think I made, not one, but TWO bad pattern/fabric choice decisions today. Both shall ever be blamed on, the aforementioned, S.W.M.

So, I'm going to re-up on my meds, grab my book and get back in bed... which is where I should have stayed this morning... apparently.

I did finally get to peruse this month's Lucky and InStyle mags. I got some great inspiration for stuff to do for end of summer and into fall... I'll try to get it together enough to post on that tomorrow.

Holla.... but keep your distance, I think I'm still contagious.


Adrienne said...

Feel better soon!

Antoinette said...

Hope you are feeling better soon -- a week is too long to be sick!