Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Books and covers and all that jazz...

Have you ever looked at a pattern over and over again only to keep passing it by? Then one day, you look at it and all of a sudden something just clicks…
... This is one of those patterns.

I remember when it debuted several months ago along with a few other universally (or, I guess ‘Blogiversally’ is a more appropriate term) pooh-poohed patterns at Vogue. I guess I got swept up in the general dislike and just kind of dismissed the pattern all together.

Well, last night while I was perusing looking to see if there was anything I wanted to buy in the sale today, I took a really good look at the bones of the dress and decided it was actually right up my alley.
It’s an over the head dress… (Yea… no zippers!!)

…. The tech drawing shows that it has a mock cowl neckline that I find looks good on me
... this sleeveless version's got that extended shoulder line that gives the upper arms a little extra cover while still being sleeveless

... all and all…it’s a pretty cute little dress….

What was I thinking!?!

MISSES’ DRESS: Very loose-fitting lined dress with above mid-knee lengths. A:
yoke with cowl effect in front and gathers. B: princess seams, side front
pockets, front opening with collar and tie ends, front neckline gathers and 7/8 length sleeves.
FABRICS: Dress A, B: Crepe de Chine, Batiste and Lightweight
Broadcloth. Unsuitable for obvious diagonals, plaids or stripes. Use nap
yardages/layouts for pile, shaded or one-way design fabrics.
*with nap.
**without nap.
Combinations: AA(6-8-10-12), E5(14-16-18-20-22)

It calls for lining, but I bet a nice dress/bottom weight double knit jersey would do fine/hang well without the extra layer...

I have this wrap dress that I get compliments on every single time I wear it. I've had it for years and I have never been able to fine another one… until now, I think.
Very much looking forward to making this one… I think a trip to Mood is in order.

Oohh! I found another 'Inspiration game' piece…
I keep seeing this dress everywhere...

(… as seen on Trend de la Crème)

… This version's got a nice slim (without being too fitted) body and I LOVE the sleeves…
Me thinks this is a job for my handy dandy B5211... ((now its just a matter of figuring out a pattern for those ruffle/sleeves.....hhmmm))....


Adrienne said...

I totally feel you on that first vogue pattern! LOL I picked it up today! I have the perfect fabric for it lol.

narcissaqtpie said...

LOVE your blog! I need that flutter sleeve dress in my life.

MsMica...Sewnista in the making said...

Thanks NarcissaQTP! I already have you and SS#1 on my MUST READ list... that flutter sleeve dress IS the Business!