Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Have you ever been in a mode where you tried a project, only to tired of it half way thru? Then you skipped on to another project only for it not to work out as nicely as you'd hoped? Then you moved on to yet ANOTHER project only to look at it and go from feeling '...meh' to bleeh about it?

Yeah? Well that's where I am right about now.

I keep seeing all my Internet FIMH's (friends in my head) making all this great looking stuff and I look at the half finished projects on my table and I just turn back to the couch and dive into another book.

.....I need a kick start in my proverbial pin cushion.

I'll holla.


Adrienne said...

I've been there lol. I hate when my mojo is absent!

Lashell said...

Sorry to hear about your sewing bad luck. I've been through that many of times. I think I am going through a little of that right now.

sweetiepiepen said...

I gotta say, I feel partially responsible for those books that keep calling you back to the couch! Sorry, girl!! :-)