Sunday, November 16, 2008

B4469 part deux... Thanks Mom!... and the "1 hour" Skirt

Still busy. But, Still here. And, still sewing!!

I really did like the b4469 blouse so I made it again... Its pretty much a carbon copy of the first one, but in a heavier weight stretch cotton broadcloth. I did make a few changes...

In addition to taking about an 1/2" off of the bust dart points, I made clean finish two-ply ties instead of the single-ply tie with the narrow hem.
I decided that instead of the wrap-around the extended tie, I just added a new tie at the other side seam. I expect this to keep the fab from bunching up in the back. I used light weight elastic as inside ties... Next time I think regular twill tape will do.


A few weeks ago, my mom called and told me that her local JoAnn's was having a 99c McCall pattern sale. So I gave her a list of possibles and wished her luck (... this was her very first time going pattern shopping... during a 99c SALE, no less!)

Not only did she come back with every pattern on the list, she also started her own so called "... Oooo, Mica can make this for me!!" stash.


As I was cleaning up my sewing space (after having let it take over since LAST weekend) I remembered I had pulled out this skirt pattern to supplement my fall wardrobe. As its called the '1 hour' skirt, I thought, let me just knock this out right quick. (...I made view C, but without the patch pockets)
I used a medium weight stretch denim fabric in soft black, with a slight sateen finish.

While it took me more than an hour (... I tend to sew like Ms. Daisy, especially when I'm trying to catch up on all the TV show's I DVR'd all week...) but it was really quick.



Adrienne said...

Ohhh I love that skirt!

Antoinette said...

Great-looking blouse and skirt! Your mom is so cute and has good taste (I have that same skirt pattern she picked out, LOL)! It is so good to have you back on the blog -- I have missed you! xo

Anonymous said...

I love both the blouse and the skirt!

It's nice that you have someone to hit up Jo-Ann's when you can' mom chose good patterns for herself.

Angie R.

Juli said...

Cute skirt!