Sunday, November 2, 2008

... sunny Sunday afternoon

I finished the top this morning ((... and the audio book 'Already Dead' by Charlie Huston, that I used as 'background noise' for this project...))

All in all, a nice garment. I will be making it again.
Mainly because of all the different sleeve options and how easy it really is to put together.

..... But mainly because once I started sewing this fabric, I realized just how much it looks like hospital scrub fabric (lol). ((I also took note that while the bust darts are placed okay, they are way to long... Next time I think I'll take at least a 1/2" of the tip.)) I almost dumped it, but I'd made a promise to always finish any project I started. Even if it's obvious its not going to be a keeper, at least I will still have learned what NOT to do.

After I finished the top , I decided to take Love and make our annual trek up the street to cheer all the runners in the NYC Marathon. It passes just a few blocks up from our house.
I got there during the thickest part of the crowd...
... even the runners were in on the picture taking action.



Anonymous said...

Fabulous top! Looks like you got your mojo back too.

Angie R.

Adrienne said...

I love the sleeves on it!

Antoinette said...

Very nice top! You do color so well. :) I like the wrap style, too. BTW, there is a tree with red/ pink leaves in your marathon photo that is SOOOOO beautiful!

alviana said...

awesome top! Love the sleeve. nice!