Sunday, March 22, 2009

...Back in the saddle!

So, it hit me that it really is Spring again and that means Derby season is upon me... and as I'd previously committed to making my Derby outfit this year, I figured it should snap to it.

That being said, I still haven't decided exactly what dress to go with, so I've decided to try to make two...

This Simplicity 2925, View B (the white dress)...

The first of which I made today... I decided to go with the 2925 1st as it seemed to be the, well, the simplest..
I used the gold-splashed printed cotton/linen that I got from the going out of business sale at Paron's East last year. I think it come out pretty much like the pic, but I still need to taper the skirt seams as its a bit wider at the hem than I'm wanting.

I'm also kind of proud that I installed my first working invisible zipper in an actual garment with this dress!! SUCCESS!!

For the B5029, I really want to use this this fabric I got at one of my fav cheap fabric resources, Fulton Fabrics, in downtown BK.

It's a really pretty light linen-ish (lol) fabric that was only 3$ a yard....However, it's wwaayyyy sheer!

So I'm trying to figure out how to get around that. I was thinking either cut it double, or maybe buy some really light weight linen to use as an underlining....

Since Kentucky Derby is the first weekend in May, the weather is usually pretty temperate. But sitting out in the sun for 8 hours on even the mildest of days can get a little uncomfortable in the wrong fabrics.

Anyway, since I have a little over a month, I think I should have enough time to piece this one out... pun intended.



Antoinette said...

Looks better than the dress on the pattern envelope! That invisible zipper looks perfect, too. I sewed up the sleeved version last year and I recall few pattern pieces, so maybe a lining would be pretty simple. Just thinking that if you use the same fabric to line the dress, the lining might catch on the self wherever the embroidered areas are...

Lovely dress! You'll have to post photos of you, wearing the dress and some sweet little hat. :)


The dress looks great. The invisible zipper is invisible. lol
Can't wait to see how the other dress turns out.

Adrienne said...

Great dress! your zipper is superb! I LoVE that butterick dress! Ive made it twice lol

MsMica...Sewnista in the making said...

Thanks ladies!
Ant... I think I pretty much decided on going with a light weight linen as an underlining. Now its just a matter of finding some.
Adrienne... Maybe you can tell me the difference between dress B and dress C! I keep looking at the patterns and the pieces but I cant see the difference.
SShay... Thanks again!