Friday, March 13, 2009


... Yes it, I mean, I am alive.

I just have not been able to get myself together to get behind the machine for the last several weeks... largely due to the crazy cold weather we were having here in NYC and now due to the crazy warm-ish days that keep popping up here and there.... not warm enough to completely erase the chill in the air, mind you. But warm enough to get my allergies nice and flared up, nice and early for spring....sigh.

All that and the fact that the last handful of projects that I've started have all fizzled out like a half empty can of soda left out in the sun... double sigh.

But! In anticipation of getting things moving again, I signed up for my first quilting class yesterday!! YEA!!

The City Quilter is a one stop quilting shop literally a hop, skip and jump away from my office. After realizing that I was going to need a bit more hands on instruction than just the free tutorials that I was finding online, I went in yesterday and signed up for their next session of beginner quilting classes .... good news, I was only the 2nd person to enroll and didn't get shut out like I did for the last class... bad news, I have to wait till the end of May for the dadgum classes to start!!

Apparently, quilting instruction is a brisk business in NYC. Who knew?

My next thing is my intention to sew my Kentucky Derby dress this year... please note how I said it is my INTENTION!!.... seeing is I haven't exactly decided WHAT dress pattern to actually make, I'm already behind the 8ball... But more on that later.


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