Friday, January 29, 2010

Random Acts of Fabulousness

I've become obsessed highly enamored with Real/Street/Personal style photo blogs over the last several months... largely influenced by the energy the new product development head at my co has infused our product line with at work... this woman can spot a trend a year out ... le sigh...

As you may, or may not, have noticed, I've added several more links to my sidebar feeds list.

The Clackers   -   WhoWhatWear   -   LoveMadeVisible
... both seemingly one stop shops for photo-collages of the new shows. Accompanied by highly opinionated, yet wickedly funny commentary.

Garanace Dore
... Superfine eye.... might be why she and 'The Satorilaist' are so.... ahem... close.

Igore + Andre   -   Fifi Lapin
... How I wish I could sketch... NOTE TO SELF... add beginning sketch to 'Classes I must take' list @ FIT...

The Cherry Blossom Girl   -   Aspirations of Prosperity   -   Karla's Closet
... along with Childhood Flames and The Stylish Wander, these girls really have me wondering what, exactly, their parents do for a living.... I was hard pressed to whine a pair of real live Guess or Jordache or, worst case scenario, Gloria Vanderbilt(!) jeans out of my parents when I was their age.

Le Blog de Big Beauty
... If I'd not already created a 'Random Acts of Fabulousness' blog list, I certainly would have done so after finding this blog last night! THIS CHICK IS HELLA-FAB! She's an excellent example of Super Size meets Super Fashionable.... And she French! (... that last part, and the peppering of other French language blog links, is because I'm amped about starting my first official French foreign language class at the French Institute in a few weeks)

... All in hopes that you would find some of these sites as fascinating and style inspiring as I do...


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Antoinette said...

No kidding about what these girls' parents do for a living! It is left entirely to our imagination. I am a mother, and even if I had unlimited amounts of money, I would never allow my child to acquire heaps of designer clothes and shoes. Though, to be fair, I still like looking at their blogs from time to time.