Monday, January 18, 2010

"... And they're off!....."

I've been doing a little forward thinking lately and I've decided to get a head start on my Derby dress this year.
I had a fine time making my dress last time, and I have a few ideas about what I want to do this year...

A few days ago, I got my ideeli notification and saw this Pucci dress that I stared at for a good 5 minutes...

.... love. it.

I was thinking about using this lovely silk charmeuse I got on one of my MeetUp fabric shopping trips last year.

I have also been ALL.OVER. H&M's new Garden Collection promo these last two weeks or so.

I heart the embroidery on the bodice.... I heart it very much.

I think something like this would work really well for Derby too....


... I'm thinking a nice dress weight poplin?... Ooohh! Maybe I could find another nice eyelet like the one I used last year!

Now I just have to find the patterns..;-\


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