Saturday, May 9, 2009

Would you believe....

.... I got all the way to the Derby and forgot to take any REAL pictures!?!?... I walked away with only two passable pictures from my phone!! I can hardly believe myself...

Anyway, the dress was a success! Everyone was thought it looked store bought! That was great, especially since it was probably my first completed project this whole year!

I got a lot of complements on the hat as well... some of you might remember my accessory dilemma from this post.... I loved the pink and black feathers, but the peacock feathers worked really well with my shoes. And well, sometimes more is more... I went with BOTH OPTIONS!


Well y'all, I bit the bullet... AGAIN... and I bought a serger yesterday!!!!!

I opted for the Brother 1034D. Largely due to the multitude of good reviews it got on PatternReview (...the first place I go when I have any questions about a machine) and on HSN (....where I was originally going to buy it... I mean, who doesn't love flex-pay??)

I actually ended up going with because it was almost 100$ cheaper than HSN and still about 40$ cheaper than (... the first place I go to cost compare any equipment)

I really had to fight the urge to go with my 'better to have more than you need than less than you want' mantra and pick up this Singer Quantumlock that was also on flex-pay at HSN.

But, I said that's how I got Em (.... just about this time last year, if I don't mistake the timing) and I only use about 1.724% of the stitches she comes with!

So, going for a 5 thread machine at 600$, when all I REALLY need is a basic machine that will add a finishing touch to my projects, seemed like a reach.

When it was all said and done, I got it for 238$ with tax and free shipping. But that was with a 5-9 day shipping window, so it will be at least next week before I can play with it.....hmph!



Antoinette said...

Holla! Looking oh-so-cute in your dress and hat, young lady! Congrats on the new serger. Sounds like a great deal and a good machine!


Love the dress, you are real bargain hunter, thanks for sharing the information. Comparison shopping is the best. You cut down shopping time for me.