Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Knock Knock... Who's there?

.... FED EX with your new Baaayybbbay, that's who!!!

No sooner did I get the email alert that Amazon had shipped my serger, I get buzzed by the delivery man with the package in question!
YYeeaahhh BBoooyyyy!!

.... and Love is already forlorn at yet SOMETHING ELSE that takes my attention away from her...
.....aawwwwww..... And its not even out of the box yet!!


Adrienne said...

Enjoy it girl!!!

Antoinette said...

Poor Baby! But does she know you might use the new serger to make something sweet for her?

gold said...

I need to get me a serger so bad!!LOL :) I know its going make sewing a lot easier.

Omega said...

Enjoy! I'm sure you will!