Friday, May 29, 2009

ObFabric Compulsive

I've come to the realization that I have developed a bit of a fabric fetish... here lately, I can't seem to see a fabric that I like and NOT buy it... I somehow convince myself that if I don't buy it I will regret and suffer later for it.... It's funny (... funny ha-ha AND funny weird)

So today, I visited the facilitators of my latest new favorite thing, and came across these cute cuts... Heart the peacock!

.... and who doesn't love a good spiderpig?

Then, because I was in the area (wink/wink) I stopped by my local cheapy fabric shop. I'd already made my rounds about the store, but, as I was leaving, I saw this...It's almost like a cool mix between charmeuse and sheeting, drapey but with no slip. It made me think it would be a nice fabric for my Vogue 1086.

Then... I swear, it's as if the Fabric Fae were conspiring against me... the woman in front of me at the checkout pulled out this lovely hand-done African batik print...
She was going to back it and use it to recover a chair. I thought about washing it then using it for s2584 by Cynthia Rowley for Simplicity.... there were only 8 yards in the cut. She took 5. There were 3yards left.... as SNL's Church Lady would say... " convvvvenient..."

It's a tad bit see through...
But, I think if I do the same thing I did with the Derby dress and back it with some sheer lining, it should solve that problem.

Anyway, let me go make an offering to the fabric gods so maybe they'll leave me be...



Antoinette said...

I'm all about the spiderpig! Nice finds. I think I would spend all my money on fabric if I lived in New York. So it's good I don't.

JC said...

Nice fabric, too. BTW: I tried to email you at the email address listed on your profile and it rejected. I didn't want to bog the blog down. I am a subscriber. Please email me when you get a minute and I can forward the email to you. Thanks so much. -JC