Monday, February 28, 2011

Finished Object 11.2

This is my 2nd FO of 2011...
I originally started knitting this for myself.  But then I decided to gift it to a great girl that works with me in honor of her moving to China for the next several months for work... a sort of a good luck present.

This yarn is Cascade 220 in Fuchsia.... LOVE IT!!
I got it from Rare Purls in Duluth, GA over the Christmas holidays...

As impromptu a gift as it was, it was my first foray into knitting for someone else........ gggrrrrrrr....

.....all I know is, she BETTA be wearing it the next time I see her...... I'm kidding........ kind of.


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Susan said...

Gorgeous job! She better rock that - is right. lol


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