Monday, August 11, 2008

Saturday, Hitting the Slope(r)s

So, I had my first Intro to Pattern Making MeetUp this past Saturday. It was great!! Don't quiz me, because I probably couldn't ( and, by 'I probably couldn't ', I mean 'I difinitely can't') make a sloper from scratch right about now, but I'm definitely amped for our next class.

I was so inspired by the time I got home, I made this handy-dandy carrying case for the smaller tools that came with the class fee...

I made it out of some scrap pieces of stretch denim I had on the table after cutting out the denim/exposed zipper version of M5701.

I didn't have any kind of pattern or even any real planned out idea of how to make the 'pouch'. I just kind of pictured what I wanted and kept making seams and stitches until I ended up with

I couldn't decide how I wanted to secure the pouch closed, so I just used two pins to hold it for the time being. I decided I like the look and left it that way.



Antoinette said...

Hey! Cute lil' pouch, like you're a traveling doctor or chef! Important tools there. This is the kind of project that is perfect for DIY. Now I need to make one for all the little bits that sink to the bottom of my big ol' fabric purse!

MsMica...Sewnista in the making said...

Thanks Antoinette.
It took all of 30 minutes... 20 of which I spent scratching my forehead trying to figure out how I actually wanted it to fold together... lol.
But it was super quick and easy. I'm going to make a bigger one with more pockets. I remember seeing this great one on a blog sometime ago that actually used Ziploc bags!