Monday, August 25, 2008

Slopers, Day 3 (and a half...)

Okay, so after going to my 3rd 'Slopers' class I came home amped to put what I learned to work...
..... underwhelmed?... I understand.

But I kept at it and, after several stops and starts and more that a few cuts... and retapes... and re-recuts.... and, you guessed it, re-retapes....

Better, better.

So much so that I felt confident enough to cut a muslin..... Tttaaadddaaaaaaaaaaaa!!I was soooo proud of myself!!

I still have a lot of fine tuning I need to do. But overall, I'm very pleased. I'm eager to try my next one - a two dart bodice!! WWWWHHHHEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

And you may have noticed that I added some measurement lines to my Duct tape dummy....
I found it invaluable in getting those measurements right.... (ahem... not that I got them 'right', per se... but you know what I mean...;-)

Now I have a question....

Is anyone actively using the Lutterloh pattern making system? I have been looking at it off and on for a few weeks now, but I'm kind of hot and cold about it.

I love the idea of being able to make 'custom fit' patterns. And I like that some of the pieces can be integrated together to make different styles from existing pieces (... and you know how much I love THAT!)

But, it doesn't come with any construction instructions (... not that I'm very consistent in reading and using instructions when they are provided...) and you also have to make your own/decided when you need facings/interfacing, etc.... that kind of scares me.

You may or may not have notice, but I have a rather vivid and detailed imagination. It's just that all that imagination sometimes gets lost in translation somewhere between my brain and my hands.

I can totally envision myself doing all these great things with this system.... only to actually get it and end up stuffing it up under the bed with all the other money pits I've invested in not using it.

It is a little more pocket than change at about 120$ for the entire kit plus around 18$ to 20$ for the quarterly pattern updates. But, thanks to the friendly message board over at, I read a great suggestion about just buying the main tool kit and buying a pattern supplement as an alternative to the complete starter kit. That would add up to about 40-45$ and give me a chance to test it out without making such a big investment.

Any thoughts? Pros? Cons?


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Antoinette said...

Hey lady, that sloper is looking good! You seem to have found a great resource in this Meetup!

I remember using my sloper for the first time by laying it under a commercial pattern and seeing exactly where I needed to move the bust dart. Having that bodice sloper really changed my whole experience working with patterns! I hope you find yours as valuable.

I don't use software but a friend of mine has had Wild Ginger (I think?) and swears by it. She took my measurements once and printed out a pant pattern that I have yet to try out.