Saturday, August 16, 2008

Slopers, Day 2

I had another great class learning to make slopers with Shannon at Soul Collections.
I even stopped to take pictures (this time!)...

We went back over the basic one dart front bodice sloper as a quick review of the last class...

It actually fit!!.... so exciting!!

Here's our (kindly and uber-patient) instructor Shannon working on one of the pattern variations we did today, the Princess Seam (dartless sloper)....

Here's Shannon and my 'classmate' Pel going over the finer points of straitening out a waistline after adjusting dart legs (... a time or two.... or three, in MY case...)

And here's Shannon showing Pel exactly how the patten relates to a dressform and the myriad of variations you can effect once you have your basic sloper set up....

Meanwhile, in the opposite corner....
...ummm.... are you SUPPOSED to be cutting that?!?!?!?!

.... apparently not...((sniff))

Overall, it was another afternoon very well spent!

And when I got home... Look what was waiting for me?!?!!

.... The Simplicity 3882 that was listed on my pattern list.... All thanks to my most favorite Austin blogger, Antoinette, the Clevergirl!!!

Okay, now it's off to practice what I learned today!!


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Antoinette said...

Awwwww.... you're so welcome! Looks like your sloper class is an amazing value. Having my personal sloper changed my world completely. Hope you have the same experience!