Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bargain bin Bargains....

Ssoo... since the weather was so nice here in NY yesterday, I decided to stop by one of my other 'once/twice a month visit' fabric stores here in Brooklyn, Sava-a-thon Fabrics on Flatbush Ave.
Their selection leaves much to be desired, but its fine if you're just looking for cheap fabric to use as wearable muslins/test runs. The prices usually run between 1.99 and 5.99 a yard for the majority of the selections (usually of high polyester content.)

As I expected, I really didn't see anything I wanted, but, I decided to look in the $1/yrd bargain bin before I left… low and behold… I came across the loveliest polyester 'mole-skin'/extra low pile velvet fabric in a really soft creamy beige .... 4+ yards!!....

As soon as I saw it, I thought this would make a great 'winter version' of the Anne Klein for Vogue dress!! I would have to line it of course, but I think it would look nice…

I kept digging and I came across a very simple dark green light-weight jersey, 2+ yards… I have this off the shoulder long sleeve tee by Neue Mode that I got from for $1. I think it would make a nice early fall run around top.

I also picked up this 'crinkled' light weight 65/35 poly/cotton fabric.
I saw it and thought it was cheap enough (1.99/yrd) that I could try it for a non-stretch version of the Debra Moises wrap dress I made a few weeks ago.

I'm going to cut it out tonight/tomorrow and see if I can’t sew it up this weekend.

It supposed to be storming both Saturday and Sunday, so I think I will be in the house for the most part….. Well, partly because of the weather and partly because 'The Divine Ms.EM' blew my budget for the month… OF JULY!!

So I'll be busy finishing up some projects on the table...

Like this Built By Wendy/Simplicity top in a pretty mustard-y gold poly/cotton fab I got from Fulton Fabrics a few weeks ago.

It was cheap fab, but it's just a 'test run' since I did my first FBA on the pattern!!!
Let me tell you… that was a DRAG!!.... I could not find any resource that would help you do a FBA on a shirt with no dart! It’s a loose fitting top and I don't want to add any real shaping to it. I trudged thru it, so we'll see what happens when I try it on.

I also cut this other BBW/Simplicity top last week, but ended up putting it aside during all 'the machine' troubles. It's in the same fabrication as the gold fabric above, but in a very pretty deep fuchsia/rose pink…
... but when I started pinning it I saw that it was shaded/faded…gggrrrrrr! I'm going to sew it up anyway. If it fits nice (I didn't do any pattern alterations on this one) I will just dye it or something.



Erica B. said...

You should get a copy of Fit For Real People. It's my bible and I can't live without it.

Also, here is some info that could be helpful:

MsMica...Sewnista in the making said...

Thanks Erica. I actually went to that very same link in the past two nights when I was looking up how to do the FBA on a shirt with no dart. My main issue was not wanting to ADD a dart to the shirt because it’s not supposed to be fitted. I have Fast Fit (Sandra Betzina) which is good overall, but it didn’t have anything for my problem. I will definitely look up FfRP.

toy said...

fit for real people is really good indeed, and you are on a role with your project,, good stuff!