Monday, June 9, 2008

Here goes nothing....

... after months and months of perusing and pursuing and downright stalking various sewing blogs (...that have become staples in my daily web browsing,) I have decided to start my own!!

Like many, I started sewing in HomeEC in high school (... GaithersburgHS)... my teacher, Mrs. McDonald, lit some kind of fire in me and that was it.... I remember, the first item I actually made was a pink velour jumpsuit for my principle's toddler.... never mind that I sewed the whole thing up inside out... NEVER MIND, I said!!

I ended up studying Textile and Apparel Merchandising at Western Kentucky University before moving to NYC, where I've worked in the industry for the last.... wow... 14 years.

So, long story short, after a many year'd hiatus from the sewing machine, I decided to take a refresher sewing class at Sew Fast, Sew Easy here in NYC and I'm back in action again! Admittedly, I feel like I'm starting from scratch most of the time. But, I've powered through it and I'm hard pressed to remember why I stopped sewing in the first place.

That's enough for now... pics of the first few pieces I have made (or altered from existing pieces) so far, along with things that I plan on working on in the near future, are soon to come.

As my nearest and dearest would say.... HOLLA!

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