Sunday, June 15, 2008

Works in progress...

... So, struck with the urge to 'make something' last night, I started these two projects... This Built by Wendy top(view C) from Simplicity. I have been mooning over all her patterns for months and when Simplicity went on sale for 4.99 a few weeks ago, I scooped up my most favorite (... I got this and this too.)... And this Very Easy Vogue top(view B) ... also scored in a 1-day sale two weeks ago.

I traced both patterns with my handy dandy clear plastic drop cloth (10yrds run about 5-6$ at your local hardware store... I recommend at least 3mil... I find 1-2mil is just too flimsy and very prone to snags.) And, I finished pinning and cutting the Vogue.

I used this pretty white with black and red floral patterned stretch woven fabric I picked up a few weeks ago a PS Fabrics (Bdwy/Franklin, NYC) for the V8495.

I have a very pretty rose/dark pink cotton shirting for the BbW top. But, since it's currently laid out on my table ready to be pinned, I'll have to add a pic of that one later.

I plan on cutting out the Simplicity top this afternoon and hopefully sew up the Vogue.
(I finally bought a REAL camera yesterday and I hope to have it by Wednesday... so pictures to follow... OH HAPPY DAY!!)

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