Sunday, June 15, 2008

(please hear Nancy Kerrigan when I say...) WWWWWHHHHHHHYYYYYYYY!?!?!?!

So, you see that nice enthusiastic post I wrote this morning about all the sewing I planned to get done today? Yyyyeeeaahhhhhhhhh...

I turned on my CS6000i this afternoon and was greeted with a loverly beeping sound and 'F4' error message blinkety-blinking across my LCD screen.... "Well, good afternoon to you too, Sunshine!"

Now, me being me, I immediately jumped on my computer to Google 'CS6000i' and 'F4' and what did I spy?
"You receive the error message F4 when there is a problem within the unit and will need to be service." -

... isn’t that special?

I..... have had..... this...... mmaacchhiinnee..... 2 DAYS more....... than a MONTH!!

I have already called HSN, where I got the machine, 34 days ago, and they said that I could either call Brother and see about getting the machine fixed or I could send it back and get a replacement..."if any are still available..."



SweetiePiePen said...

Good luck with your tech issues, babe!! Lovin the blog!!

erica said...

Get a Singer, forget about Brother!! (okay, I don't really know anything about machines, but my grandmother always used a Singer) Life's too short to deal with error messages!

Erica B. said...

Sorry you are having tech problems. I've had that same machine for about 2 years (I use it as my back up machine), and I've never had a single problem.